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Creators of unique transformation blueprints that facilitate accelerated delivery of business change agendas.

Organisations must strive to be operationally effective today while preparing to be future fit for tomorrow, but do you have all the required knowledge to identify and define the relevant outcomes or the means to address and overcome the associated challenges?

We’re here help.

Let’s work collaboratively to inform your thinking and understand the options that will support controlled delivery of your business and digital outcomes. Let our audit-ready Plug and Playbooks together with our best practice expertise empower you to achieve more, faster and at a lower cost.

Where’s the value?

We have no interest in the usual consultancy smoke and mirrors. What we do offer are self-serve aitems® you can use easily and effectively to transform and future proof your business.

A proven solution

Are you aiming to improve overall efficiency, make your business fitter for the future and give yourself the edge in today’s competitive markets through Business or Cloud transformation? Then a Plug and Playbook is the scalable, effective and proven solution you need.

Built by experts

Using hands-on client experience to mitigate as much risk as possible, the Plug and Playbooks include every technical and non-technical aspects you’ll need to transform your business as seamlessly as possible.

Your choice

Regardless of the type of capability required, one size doesn’t fit all. The Plug and Playbooks have no set agenda and are completely agnostic of specific vendors and products.

Advice to hand

We’re here to help you decide what you actually need. Anything from technical advice, supplier negotiation and audit through to complete programme management.

 The Plug and Playbook series

Our blueprints are scalable, effective, and proven. They’re also vendor agnostic, suitable for any regulated or non-regulated industry, and adaptive to both business critical and non-critical services. And most importantly, they deliver transparency and control so your Board, stakeholders, business users and project delivery team can be confident of success.

You may already be on your transformation journey and not need an end-to-end solution, so we’ve made the Playbooks flexible. You can take as many or as few aitems® as your unique business requirements and team capability/capacity dictate.

We are the partner to help you:

✓   Make your business future fit,

✓   Gain an edge in today’s competitive markets,

✓   Improve overall efficiency,

✓   Instill quality and maintain control

✓   Prepare your business for scale (M&A, IPO, or sale), and

✓   Enhance your social value, and

✓   Mitigate as much risk as possible as you do it.

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Moving to AWS, Azure or GCP?

Our Cloud Plug and Playbook is the right way to do it.

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