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Meet Claude

(champion aitemologist®)

Claude, our AI assistant, is ready and waiting on our portal to empower users with the tools and services they need to feel good and achieve great things.

He’s a bit of a know-it-all…

… and as a licensed subscriber, you can ask him anything; about the programme in general, locating a specific aitem®, understanding a technical definition you’ve forgotten, or what your next steps are. He’ll come straight back to you with the answer and its source.

But he’s also caring…

… and wants to support your wellbeing.

Transformation programmes are long with many moving parts, and it can all become a bit overwhelming. Download to Claude – he won’t mind! He’s ready to listen and his anonymous, voluntary check-ins will empower you to share feedback on what matters most—identifying areas of opportunity and concern with complete privacy.

His tailored guidance (based on extensive expertise in training, personal development and leadership across a variety of high-stakes environments) is just for you and will help you excel in high-performance areas and enhance your wellbeing in real-time.

Claude Boite character