Aitemology® joins techUK

We’re delighted to announce we’re now a member of techUK, the hardworking trade association that ‘champions technology’s role in preparing and empowering the UK for what comes next, delivering a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet’.

As a fledgling tech business with the same shared values, we’re really looking forward to learning, sharing, collaborating and of course networking with like-minded innovators. We’re all looking to help businesses adopt more responsible and sustainable practices to satisfy new consumer, market and investor demands, and fuel innovation and growth. As the former Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney stated recently: “Firms that align their business models to the transition to a net zero [emissions] world will be rewarded handsomely. Those that fail to adapt will cease to exist.” 

Cloud is the foundation that gives organisations the agility, flexibility and rapid scalability critical to delivering these disruptive yet sustainable business strategies successfully. This is why we’re delighted to share the Aitemology® Plug and Playbook series of digital and business transformation methodologies (Cloud, Productise, Change, Consult). Consisting of a ‘how to’ primer underpinned by specific/dedicated aitems® (policies, processes, technical products, reports, templates etc.), organisations can navigate their chosen technical/non-technical transformation journey step by step from start to finish with confidence, clarity and control.

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