Paul is a man of many talents and surprises. Having decided after a couple of years’ full-time dentistry that it was too safe, he moved on to a slightly more challenging environment; the Royal Marines. He earned his stripes travelling the world, honing his strategic, operational and leadership skills; proving himself to be an exceptional trouble shooter, especially in difficult circumstances. He moved on as Lieutenant Colonel after 16 years having extensive command experience under his belt including Global counter terrorist (Special) operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa.  Somewhere along the line he also graduated from the French senior military academy (C.I.D) with a master’s degree and fluent French for good measure.

He put his well-honed skills to good use back on civvy street. He was a 2010 founder member/Digital Services Director of the MarTech start-up ITG (one of the fastest growing UK start-ups at the time) for three years, returning there in 2017 as Managing Director. This gave him an in-depth understanding of brand values, marketing and media through multi-channel delivery. 

In between times he was the Operations Director for the Bechtel-led National Infrastructure Agency (ANGTI) in Gabon with responsibility for the on-going delivery of over $2Bn in active projects. Needless to say, his commercial and contract negotiation skills are second to none.

His specialist area is tackling complicated team command problems that don’t have obvious solutions but that need to be resolved by getting stuck in, providing clear emotional leadership, developing a clear strategy and then stabilising through the creation or remodelling of an integrated team.

Our favourite fun fact about Paul (apart from him still being a dentist) is he organised and delivered the launch of Daniel Craig as 007 in a RIB up the Thames as a Royal Navy PR event. And to prove it, he’s front and centre of the boat in the press shot below.

Where time allows, he’s a keen amateur sportsman and plays rugby for his local club as well as golf (he’s lucky enough to live very close to one of GB’s greatest courses) and cricket. He and his wife have a new love in their lives; Teddy the Spaniel puppy.