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Business context

Technology is rapidly evolving and introducing new ways of working, and any target transformational state will require a new breed of business and IT professional if they’re to deliver on-going incremental benefits to a business. For them to perform successfully they require new, additional skills. Every element of your employee life cycle needs to be connected, from attraction through to talent management, development, and performance management.

Today’s challenges

Driving employee engagement and productivity so internal problems don’t morph into larger external ones (e.g. customer churn, negative performance, financial impact, and shareholder issues) is essential.  Developing and retaining transformational leadership and a team with the necessary critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving skills as well as resilience that improves your organisation’s performance while delivering transformation is challenging.

Success criteria

Support your long-term business strategy by equipping and elevating your workforce to facilitate growth and/or change easily. Your employees will help you achieve your company vision if they’re empowered so set them up with the right tools and a favourable environment.

Documenting your people strategy and employee value proposition will demonstrate your commitment to them. Emotional intelligence (EQ) based leadership is now determining success or failure.

Enablers to success

  • Develop employees’ critical digital and cognitive capabilities, social and emotional skills, as well as adaptability and resilience.
  • Engage and inspire and achieve widespread, company-wide alignment on goals.
  • Execute, analyse, track, and adjust your people strategy constantly.
  • Encourage agility and innovation in response to uncertainty and change.

Our playbooks will help you

Fully integrate your strategy to drive simplicity and a positive employee experience:

  • Values and behaviours
  • Skills and capability
  • Talent management
  • Development pathways
  • Training and coaching
  • Succession development
  • Pay and reward
  • Engagement and social value.
According to Gartner, the top five people priorities for 2022 are:

• Building critical skills and competencies – 68% of HR leaders consider this a priority
• Organisational design and change management – 46%
• Current and future leadership bench – 44%
• Future of work – 28%
• Employee experience – 26%