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Platform FLEX
UK Sovereign Cloud

Privately-owned, fully-managed, enterprise-grade tech.

We believe in fostering enduring relationships with like-minded technology pioneers and make a conscious effort to work with people we trust and whose work we admire. We have a close partnership with Nine23 who support our delivery of technology change plans within client organisations through their truly unique, tailored approach to Private Cloud hosting.

Platform FLEX is their fully owned and managed dedicated hardware platform that is 100% UK sovereign. It’s a secure and scalable service offering customisable functionality within a private cloud instance including optional end-to-end accreditation up to OFFICIAL-Sensitive or Secret. Platform FLEX is located in secure UK hosting locations, with connectivity to government/corporate networks and internet connected organisations using proven secure access solutions.

Their cyber security and information governance credibility has been key to their Public Sector focus in delivering trusted secure IT solutions for Central and Local Government, Defence, Police, Health and Social Care, and Regulators.