Printed primer

Once licensed, the 134-page Cloud playbook is supplied as both soft and hard copy.  The digital primer version, together with all 250 aitems® (templates, reports, documents, examples etc.) is available for download through our interactive client portal.

The additional hard copy primer is invaluable as it gives the programme team sight of the entire step by step methodology and how it all fits together. The primer’s robust spiral binding and high-quality sustainable paper/print makes it practical to share in meetings and with colleagues. It’s also a particularly effective tool when it comes to securing Board/Exec approval and confidence; they can see how and when all their biggest worries (governance, audit, risk management, financial control, change management etc.) will be addressed.

The playbook’s Delivery RACI is a key programme aitem®. Due to its sheer scale and complexity (something impossible to see in its entirety on a screen), the playbook comes with a separate 55 x 80cm printed copy to hang on the PMO wall.