Process transformation

In 2 minutes this aitem® will teach you about Process transformation

Changing internal and external forces demands flexible business processes to address market/competition pressures, new business initiatives, increasing customer demand and/or shifting operating models.

Improvements in business performance (within acceptable parameters of time, cost and quality) require a senior mandate, buy-in from affected stakeholders and a methodology or specific blend of approaches to address the organisational demands.

Process thinking provides a foundation for developing enhancements, be they radical, periodic or part of an on-going improvement initiative. Understanding the controllable set of activities that consumes your organisational resource and transforming these inputs into the required outputs will deliver the strategic imperative.

Enablers to success:

  • Recognise the dependencies between customer value, stakeholder commitment, process, team culture and capability.
  • Define your vision/ambition up-front, isolating the root causes of issues with the existing model and developing a future-fit practical transformation programme.
  • Confirm the scope/objectives to give structure and engage stakeholders early.
  • Expedite the solution development, maintain momentum, assure the outputs and own the outcomes.

Sharpen control:

  • Enable senior sponsorship and engage the relevant stakeholders. 
  • Outline the case for change and define the scope/objectives before defining a robust programme or work.
  • Articulate the process hierarchy and establish a baseline for measurement.
  • Confirm the design principles that will guide the process design.
  • Establish your SME insight and best practice to inform the design.
  • Design the new process, confirm the impacts and validate the outputs.
  • Identify, quantify and realise any benefits.

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