A technology graphic including a hard drive and system cog


Business context

Today’s small and large business technology needs are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Markets are being disrupted by the advent of start-ups; organisations not burdened by the challenges a legacy IT estate often creates. They’re turning to Cloud, SaaS (software as a service) and other microservice technologies instead.

Today’s challenges

Legacy IT is often a persistent burden for any CIO. Growth is hindered two-fold; the older the IT estate, the more expensive it becomes to maintain (huge investment is needed just to keep the lights on) and supporting existing critical business services is problematic.

Success criteria

As the need for technological change intensifies, so does the conflict between cost and value. An understanding of future and evolving customer focused business requirements, how technology can support these, and the leadership required to deliver them, is becoming more and more synonymous with any successful technology-led change.

Enablers to success

  • Strong CIO/CTO leadership willing to challenge the status quo to benefit the business and customers.
  • Gaining insightful access to new and relevant technologies that could genuinely transform both the business’ capability and outcomes.
  • A willingness to stay agile and adapt to the changing requirements of the IT team/business.
  • Creating a robust and collaborative transition between project delivery and BAU operations.

We can help you

  • Define your digital strategy and roadmap.
  • Manage vendor sourcing and selection, including outsourcing.
  • Understand your contract exposure in terms of licensing, entitlement, and rights to use.
  • Establish total cost of ownership (TCO), including CapEx and OpEx.
  • Migrate your infrastructure and business services to Cloud and other emerging technologies.
  • Define your technology support capabilities and service management requirements.
  • Quality assure and audit your digital technology delivery.
  • Structure a future-proof technology team.