Change playbook

The challenges of achieving change within an organisation, be it transactional, transitional, or transformational have never been greater. Transformation requires an increasingly complex alignment of people, process and technology.

Digital business transformation is especially challenging as it combines high levels of scale, interdependence, and dynamism with the need to make fundamental changes to an entire organisation. Success has become more and more dependent on the ‘people’ aspect. And with businesses experiencing shorter and shorter consolidation phases, it’s even more important to establish a learning organisation that enjoys change.

While digital change itself is a phase of rapid change, the key outcome should be a culture of continuous change.

Attitudes to change can be unpredictable, so driving the desired business outcomes requires a clear understanding of organisational behaviours, the right change levers, and business priorities. Successful change requires a business-led strategy and a solid engagement plan that the Business and IT leaders can commit to delivering collaboratively.

Change management circle infographic

Our playbook will help you:

    • Articulate the required change and the associated challenges.

    • Enable senior sponsorship and mandate for change.

    • Define and communicate the case for change and identify, quantify, and realise benefits.

    • Design, plan and implement your future vision.

    • Understand the stakeholder landscape and engagement strategy.

    • Engage the business and embed the change.

    • Support the wellbeing of individuals/teams under stress.