Knowledge base

Our knowledge base is a self-serve online repository of useful ‘how to’ guides and tools/techniques that have been written to supplement the Plug and Playbook series. A consulting engagement typically takes the form of a complex ecosystem of people, process technology and organisation components. All have varying priorities depending on the stakeholders they affect, and are never the same between different programmes/projects.

Client requirements are rarely the same and hence successful delivery of the prescribed outcomes can’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach. While the Plug and Playbook series will guide its users through a cloud, consult or change initiative, the knowledge base will help further inform and finesse the approach, by defining its uniqueness. Clients will be assured the most relevant and robust methodology is being applied.

The 15 ‘how to’ guides and 36 tools/techniques in the knowledge base are designed to be simple and functional. They should not be applied in a formulaic way; rather each element used in conjunction with others to best deliver the required outcomes.

Sample 'how to' guides and tools/techniques

Knowledge base examples