The transformation programme Execution phase signals all the set-up activities have been completed, and delivery of the cloud migrations can begin. This phase follows a number of consecutive stages, and each one must be satisfied to allow progress to the next. The process includes a Quality Gate to make sure all relevant activities have been completed and deliverables approved by the appropriate programme body.

The Execution component provides the complete framework for:


Mobilisation refers to the initiation of the programme delivery activities. It encompasses all the foundational steps that must be completed to allow the various workstreams (delivery-focused or support) to proceed with the migrations.

Plan and design

Plan and design activities relate to the initiation of the application/service migrations. It’s during this stage that the outputs from Mobilisation will be used as an input to the Planning and design tasks, and will ultimately inform Build and test activities during construction.

Build and test

The Build and test stage delivers a working system as per the specified requirements. A detailed build tracker is used to manage the initiation, progress and completion of all build tasks, as well as acting as a key input to the project reporting cycle/risk and issue management.

Cutover and transition

Once all iterative delivery cycles have been completed and solutions robustly quality-assured, a gold candidate will be ready to transition into the production environment during Cutover and transition.

Production and closure

Production is the final project stage once the project changes have successfully been released into the production environment (providing no decommissioning activities have been identified).


If decommissioning requirements have been identified by the project, they will run concurrently with other project closure activities. An IT Operations and/or the incumbent supplier will need to close down any applications, services or infrastructure no longer required in BAU.

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