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Frontline digitisation

Securing Unified Tech Funding (UTF) with confidence.

Application challenges

The need for change and the value digital transformation can deliver to the NHS (and those it serves) is undeniable. Understanding what needs to be done and how to secure the necessary funding to do it can be hugely challenging. The lack of clarity, time and resource creates anxiety, especially when those expected to do the work have more important things to do, such as delivering patient care.

Meeting the criteria

To apply for any level of funding, Trusts must satisfy the NHSX Unified Tech Fund’s (UTF) application criteria and develop a Business case based on the HM Treasury Green Book’s ‘Five-case model’.

The NHS five-case model

We’ve reviewed and collated the provisions of the UTF and Green Book to eliminate the unknowns and ensure every requirement has been identified and can be properly satisfied. The outputs are aligned to our own suite of aitems® (collateral, including an NPV financial model and associated documentation) to ensure successful delivery of the most basic to highly complex Business case.

Our blueprint solution

While the Green Book provides guidance on how to appraise policies, programmes and projects (i.e. design and use of monitoring and evaluation) our unique blueprint signposts and delivers the required outcomes. This ensures robust management of a programme’s time, cost and quality parameters, driving end-to-end delivery to successful conclusion.

Our best practice aitems® have been developed over many years for numerous clients, including regulated and national critical infrastructure organisations, and are fully audit ready. They include sample text and explanatory notes to take the pain out of the process, giving you control over your outcomes.

So, if your Trust is thinking about applying for seed funding of £250k and then progressive funding of £6m at a later date, you should consider doing it all in one go. Our aitems® and support coupled with your expertise will give you the confidence to do it successfully.

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