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Business context

Finding and keeping the best talent and rising stars in an environment that is unhealthy or prone to change is more challenging than ever, particularly with the onset of the gig economy.

Today’s challenges

Good people are your competitive advantage but making significant transitions in their knowledge, thinking or delivery to accommodate strategic business imperatives can be a struggle, especially if the in-house leadership capability isn’t available.

Success criteria

Coaching of leaders and staff can lower the rate of personnel attrition by achieving higher levels of job satisfaction. A valued and motivated workforce wants to be involved and participate in the business, whether in the implementation of strategic change or BAU operations.

Enablers to success

  • Help individuals accept/adapt to change in alignment with their own goals and the organisation’s.
  • Use the right tools/techniques (1-2-1 training, facilitation, mentoring, networking) creatively.
  • Empower leaders to lead by demonstrating the values and behaviours that will inspire the wider business.
  • Develop personal inquisitiveness and problem-solving competencies, not an unhealthy dependency on coach/mentor answers.

We will help you

  • Define your cultural values.
  • Draft your own success mapping to define what your ideal manager looks like.
  • Focus on the core skills employees need to perform better in their role.
  • Generate measurable learning and performance outcomes.
  • Set appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress.
  • Enhance morale, motivation, and productivity, as individuals feel valued and connected with change.